How do I get to Club Getaway?

Club Getaway is located at 59 South Kent Road Kent, CT 06757.  It is easily accessible by car.  You can also take the Metro-North Harlem Line and get off at the Wingdale station. From there a shuttle bus can pick you up and take you to camp.  All shuttle transportation must be arranged with our staff prior to coming.

Which airports are the closest to Club Getaway?

There are several airports that our guests use to come to Club Getaway.  We are easily accessible from JFK, LGA, or EWR via ground transportation or mass transit.  A shuttle must be arranged if taking mass transit via Metro-North Railroad.  Please call our office for details.

We are also accessible via rental care, Uber, or Taxi from Stewart International or Westchester Airports.

Approximately 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

How far is the drive from NYC?

Approximately 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

How far is the drive from Boston?

Approximately 3 hours, depending on traffic.

Is there free parking?

Yes, parking is free for guests on our spacious, on-site parking lot.

What is Club Getaway doing in response to COVID-19?

Please click here to view our COVID Action Playbook

Can I bring my own alcohol to Club Getaway?

Due to state laws and insurance regulations, you are not permitted to bring alcohol to Club Getaway.  However, we have many different options for you to purchase alcohol while you are here.

We offer a “Cheers Package” which entitles you to get both alcoholic and soft drinks while you are on your adventure.  We also offer drink cards and pay-per-drink options. Please give us a call or talk to our staff upon arrival about the package that works best for you.