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2022 Payroll Onboarding

Payroll Information

Welcome 2022 crew! The season is almost upon us, and we could not be more excited.

In order to start the process of onboarding each of you into the payroll system we will need some information. This page contains a link to a form that must be filled out for us to include you into the payroll system. Additionally, it will provide links to Tax forms that the United States Government, as well as the state of Connecticut requires all employees to complete. We will be going over this in our training sessions, though please make sure these are filled out BEFORE you arrive to camp.

If you have any questions, please contact Gayle Schreiber at gayle@clubgetaway.com



This form will give us all the information we need to enter you into our payroll system and to order you a personalized debit card that we will use to pay everyone.

These are some important things to note

1. Name: We need your legal first and last name it needs to match what is on your ID

2. Social Security Number: All employees will be required to get a Social Security number. If you have worked in the United States before (whether at Club Getaway or another camp, you will have one). If you have never worked in the US before, we will get you a Social Security number before your first paycheck.

4. Passport Country and Number: We need to know what country your passport is issued from, and the Passport number. If you are from the United States, we do not need your passport information and you can write US in this field

3. Email Address: This is the email address you will use while at Camp. We are going to create an account with Cliq Card. Cliq Card is the Debit Card, that we will use to pay you (if you have a US bank account, we can use that). We will enter you into the system, though, you will have to fill out additional information.




Federal Tax W4 Form

This tax form must be filled out can be brought to Camp when you arrive or  emailed back to Gayle@clubgetaway.com. 

We are providing them now in order to alleviate any extra paper work when you arrive.

Please follow these instructions

1. Fill out all your personal information in Step 1


2. Leave Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 blank

3. Sign and Date in Step 5.

4. Print and Scan and email to Gayle@clubgetaway.com or bring to camp.

Click Here for Federal Tax Form 


Connecticut Tax Form

This form should be printed, filled out, following the instructions below, and either emailed to Gayle@clubgetaway.com or brought with you to camp.

Instructions to fill out this form

1. For #1 The Withholding code is “E”

2. For #2 Additional Withholdings write “0”

3. For #3 Reduced Withholdings write “0”

4. Write your legal name, Social Security number (Leave it blank if you do not have one yet). ALL INTERNATIONAL CREW :FOR ADDRESS, you should use Club Getaway’s address:

59 South Kent Road

Kent, CT 06757

5. Sign and date

6. Please scan and email to Gayle@clubgetaway.com

Click here for Connecticut Tax Form


Please Contact us with any questions at Gayle@clubgetaway.com