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Club Getaway is the premier destination for camps in the Northeast. At Club Getaway there is something for everyone. Our dedicated staff will engage your group every step of the way, facilitating activities like ziplining, archery and our aerial ropes course.

The fun doesn’t end just because the sun sets. Of course there are s’mores around the campfire, but kids will also enjoy our evening dance parties, night hikes and game shows.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Counselors

Customized Programs

All-inclusive Meals

Rustic Country Cabins


Day Trip

10:00am – 4:00pm includes lunch

Overnight Trip

10:00am – 2:00pm includes lunch, dinner, breakfast, and lunch

Two Nights

10:00am – 2:00pm includes seven meals



Our helpful staff is ready to guide your youth group through the recreation adventure of their dreams. Kids will spend almost their entire day outdoors, and no matter what they’re interests, our robust array of activities promises to keep your whole squad engaged and having a blast.

High Adventure
Team Building
Sports & Fun
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Young man with helmet climbing a rock wall
Aerial of the Club Getaway waterfront
Young adults playing baseball
Two kids rock climbing



Team Player

  • Crazy Olympics
  • Whatever Floats Your Boat
  • Large Group Games
  • Geo Dome Shelter
  • Roman Arch Bridge
  • Adventure Woods


  • Giants Swings
  • Aerial Park
  • Geronimo Jump
  • Parachute Drop
  • Valley View Zipline
  • Waterfall Zipline
  • Triple Zipline/Wall
  • Adventure Base Camp Zip

Mountain Climber

  • Climbing Wall
  • Boulder Mountain
  • Triple Zip Rock Wall
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Pine Climb Challenge
  • The Beast


  • Photo Quest
  • Orienteering
  • Geo Caching
  • Scavenger Hunt

Sports Fan

  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Soccer
  • Softball Diamond


Staying in the great outdoors doesn’t mean roughing it! Overnight guests stay in comfortable rustic chic country cabins overlooking our beautiful lake and mountains, all equipped with:

  • Bunk Beds
  • Pristine Bathrooms
  • Heat & AC
  • Linens Included
Two twin beds in a cabin
Two twin beds in a cabin


How do you satisfy a bunch of kids at the same time? An all you can eat lunch buffet that’s how. Our chefs develop healthy menus, using fresh ingredients that account for all tastes. Special dietary arrangements are welcome with notice.

Two young girls eating watermelon on the grass


Meant So Much More

“Club Getaway has always meant so much more to us than simply a destination for our end of the season camping trip”



How far is Club Getaway from NYC?

Club Getaway is approximately 90 miles north of NYC. You should plan for a 2 Hour ride on a coach/bus or 1.5 Hour drive in a car. See Driving Directions (Link to directions here?)

What do I need to Bring?

Click Here for the Packing List

What is Included in the Price?

Day Trip Packages include: Supervised Activity Areas, Professional Facilitation and Entertainment, Meals and Snacks, Souvenir Water Bottles and access to Hydration Stations, DJ Dance Party and discount vouchers for future Club Getaway Adventures.

Overnight Packages include: Supervised Activity Areas, Professional Facilitation and Entertainment, Meals and Snacks, Souvenir Water Bottles and access to Hydration Stations, Custom Evening Events (DJ Dance Party, Karaoke, Game Show and discount vouchers for future Club Getaway Adventures.

Are Meals Included?

Yes, Meals are included in the price of each package, examples below:

Day Trip (1 Meal)– Lunch, Afternoon Snack

Extended Trip (2 Meals)– Lunch, Afternoon snack, Dinner

Overnight Trip (3 Meals) – Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, Evening Snack, Breakfast

How Many people to a cabin?

Club Getaway has many Cabins and we customize the cabin assignments to the wants and needs of the group. For example, we could have one room of 2, a room of 4, a room of 8 etc.

What are the sleeping accommodations?

Our wood cabins provide all bedding and pillows. Cabins also have functioning Heat and Air conditioning.
cabins have their own Bathroom and showers also.

Will swimming be available during our trip?

Our Waterfront is available but at additional cost and dependent on date of your trip.

Can Club Getaway Accommodate Specific Dietary Requirements?

Click here for Club Getaways food allergy statement

Do campers need to bring their own pillows and comforters?

As mentioned all our cabins are provided with full bedding; Pillows, comforters, extra blankets.

Where will Chaperones sleep?

Club Getaway customizes housing on the wants and needs of the group. Whether that’s housing a teacher in a bunk of students or housing them in their own individual Cabin*

*Individual private cabins come at an additional fee

What happens if it rains?

Trips to club getaway happen rain or shine, but if the group desires to be inside during inclement weather we have a full contingency plan using our indoor program to ensure our guests have a fun and entertaining time no matter the weather.

Do we get free time?

Our schedules are customized to you wants and needs, if you specify that you want some free time during your trip we will incorporate that into your program.

Can Chaperones participate in activities too?

Absolutely! We want everyone to enjoy their time at Club Getaway and participate on the activities also.
We want the children to get the best experience possible so we like to try and prioritize students first and teachers/adults after, students love seeing their teachers participate at the end!

How Big are the Group sizes?

We like to keep the number of Students per group to 20 or less. We find groups of this size achieve the most out the activities provided during our time allocations and ensure a smooth enjoyable day.

Are there bugs?

We are based on 300 acres of beautiful trees and mountains; you might run into some bugs so Spray is sometimes recommended.

Should we bring money?

Club Getaway includes meals during your stay, but we do have drink & snack machines. As well as a candy shop we do offer souvenirs like t-shirts, Hoodies and other memorabilia to remember your perfect class trip!

Do you have a nurse?

A high number of our crew are Red Cross certified First Aiders. We also always have a First Aider on call to deal with any situations throughout the day. We cannot, however, administer any medical drugs and advise to bring your own.

Are there any Weight Limits?

Many of our activities do not have weight limits. But our Adventure course and Zip lines have safety limits due to the nature of the Activity. Any participant over 250 lbs. may not be able to participate on activities where this Limit is applied.

What time should we arrive?

Club Getaway opens at 9am every day and We welcome anyone to arrive any time after 9am. But we communicate different arrival times with our groups depending on their needs.


Panoramic photo of the lawn at Club Getaway by the lake