Food and Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Allergy Statement

We do not use any products that contain tree nuts/peanuts or tree nut/peanut oils in our kitchen.

We make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies. Our food production staff goes through intensive training on how to avoid cross contact of allergens.

Major food allergens: soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and fish are clearly labeled at all buffets; however, there is always a risk of cross contact of any ingredients used in the kitchen.

Guests concerned with food allergies should be aware that the posed risk is similar to that of eating in a restaurant. While we do use dairy, soy, egg, wheat and other less common allergens in our kitchen, we offer as many alternatives as possible, including gluten free options.

There’s always a possibility that commercial food manufacturers change formulations or warning labels at any time, without notice. So, while we take every step to minimize the risks associated with food allergens, we cannot guarantee any of our products are completely safe for guests with food allergies.