How To Make Friends At Club Getaway

You may have heard—and experienced—that it’s harder to make friends as an adult than it was as a kid. Luckily, Club Getaway, a summer camp for adults, makes it easy to meet new people and form amazing connections. Think of the fun you had as a kid at summer camp and the friendships you were able to make. You can now have that same experience, just with even more activities!

Most of our activities at camp are group based, so it’s hard not to be social. Our guests and staff always love having a good time, which makes it easy to meet new people. That being said, here’s our guide on how to make friends at Club Getaway!

Participate in Group Activities

Whether it’s our amazing dining options, water activities, sports, or fun games, the more you participate in, the more people you’ll meet! Our team sports like basketball and volleyball are perfect ways to play with a team of people and enjoy that built-in bonding experience. Plus, it’s a great feeling to get together with a group of new people and win something together.

A lot of people tend to only stay in the group they came with, or if they came alone, to gravitate towards smaller group activities. Sometimes that results in new friendships, but more often than not, joining the bigger group activities is way more fun! Take Color War for example. Remember in school when you’d be assigned a color to compete against other students in fun games? Well now you can do that at Club Getaway! This is a perfect way to break out of your comfort zone and team up with some potential new friends.

Get the Party Started

Is there anyone more beloved than the life of the party? Later in the evening, around dinner time, is when most of the partying happens. Of course, there’s still lots of fun to be had before the sun goes down. Bring a group and try your hand at beer pong or flip cup. Not only is this a great way to get people together, you’re going to be able to kick off the night as the party starter!

Of course, dinner’s just the beginning of the night. After your meal, there’s music, dancing, and a lot of fun. There’s no better time to mingle and you might even run into some people you met earlier in the day. There are more games to play and people to meet so party to your heart’s content!

Keep an Open Mind

With all the activities to enjoy, there are probably a lot that you haven’t tried before. Don’t let that stop you! Trying new things is a great way to meet people you normally wouldn’t have met. If you can find other campers who are trying something new too, that’s a great icebreaker and can give you something to talk about.

There are so many nostalgic summer camp activities to do, but the exciting, new additions provide great potential to find a group of campers to bond with. Never played ultimate frisbee? Learn the rules and join in! Our helpful staff are always charismatic and ready to assist you in learning new activities.

Club Getaway provides amazing social activities for campers looking to make new friends! If you’re interested in spending a weekend with us, check out our amazing options and register today!


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