The Best Activities to Make a Great Destination Wedding

Obviously when planning a wedding, the big day is going to take up a lot of your planning time. Things like the cake, the dress, the catering, and the music are probably at the front of your mind, and organizing them all is no easy task.

With a destination wedding, there’s the added layer of choosing a place and activities that will make your guests excited to go on the trip with you! As you metaphorically begin a wonderful trip with your spouse on your big day, the trip of the wedding itself should be just as memorable.

When it comes to adventurous couples and friend groups that love some excitement in their gatherings, Club Getaway has just the activity list for you. Lucky for you, we can plan these activities ahead of time and leave you more room to plan the big day itself!

Here are some of the best activities for your destination wedding that will leave your wedding party blown away.

Adventure Courses

The adventure courses offer the best of everything. Challenging obstacles, rope climbing adventures, giant swings, and more.

The magnificent scope of the adventure courses is breathtaking, yet still leaves you wanting more. Add it to your list and see if your wedding party has the guts to tackle it!

Chilling By The Lake

For right before the big day, you might want to spend some downtime relaxing. The lake at Club Getaway offers a great relaxation spot, and relaxing activities.

Paddleboarding and waterskiing are the names of the games down by this lake. Check it out and enjoy some sun.


Not only does the lake have your typical relaxation fare, but we also have our own waterpark.

Complete with inflatable water slides, waterskiing, and other watersports, there’s plenty to do in the water at Club Getaway with your wedding party to make for a memorable trip.

Hiking in the Berkshires

We can’t forget that Club getaway is nestled right in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires, which have plenty of amazing trails and hiking destination spots for some great wedding trip photo ops.

Take any of these choices, or all of them and more and you can put together one of the most adventurous destination weddings your friends have ever experienced

Reach out to discover how to put your trip together.


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