The Most Nostalgic Activities At Club Getaway

Remember your amazing summer camp days? Spending those weeks with friends without having to worry about work deadlines, cleaning your apartment, or making trips to the grocery store? Club Getaway understands those feelings and that’s exactly why we offer an incredible summer camp for adults!

We’re all about creating that nostalgic experience for adults to relive those carefree summer days. Here are the most nostalgic activities we offer at Club Getaway!


All the fun from your childhood, but now with the upper body strength of an adult! One of the most classic summer camp activities is always a highlight for Club Getaway visitors. You might not be much better than you were as a kid, but taking aim at the targets, and hearing that satisfying sound when your arrow makes contact is still a great feeling. Whether you’re competing against your friends or just trying for your best score, enjoying your summer camp memories—and creating new ones—is the highlight.

Once your arm gets tired, come down for yoga, wine tasting, or if you’re up for it, head straight to the dinner party for some cocktails.


How often in your adult life do you get the chance to go ziplining? Probably not very often. Thrill-seekers need look no further than our zipline. Sure, there’s also our bungee trampolines and giant swing for an extra boost of adrenaline, but who can forget their first time on a zipline as a kid? Maybe this was the moment you conquered your fear of heights. Maybe your fearless attitude established yourself as “the cool kid” at camp. Either way, you’re going to love ours.

Arts & Crafts

Aside from the more athletic activities, is there anything more quintessential summer camp than arts and crafts? If you need a break from the more physically demanding activities and are looking to chill out for a bit, this is one of our favorite methods. This is one of the best ways to release some of that creative energy, while enjoying the nostalgic atmosphere of summer camp. Grab a cocktail, some craft supplies, and get ready for a good time.

Anything Water Related

What’s a summer camp experience without a lake? On the hottest days of the summer, there was no better relief than being able to jump into the water. Not much has changed since then. It’s as fun as ever and there’s even more to do at Club Getaway. Sure, you can still swim in our beautiful lake, but there’s so many new and exciting options too.

Looking for a little extra aquatic action? Try wakeboarding or water skiing. Looking for something more chill? We’ve got canoeing, kayaking, or stand-up paddle boarding. You can’t go wrong with any of these nostalgic activities.


If you’re in the mood for some competition, look no further than the sports offered at Club Getaway. We’ve got camp classics like volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball of course. Then there’s kickball, one of the simplest and most exciting of the camp games. Queue the flashbacks to that time you were the team MVP or impress some new friends by showing your newfound talent.

While we’re on the topic, how could we not mention Slip & Slide Kickball? All the fun of kickball with an exciting, summertime twist. For this version, replace sliding into bases with gliding across a Slip & Slide into a little inflatable pool. What better way to end a day full of activities than by sliding headfirst into homebase on a Slip & Slide?

One of our goals at Club Getaway is to create experiences you’ll never forget. Our staff still have nostalgic memories of their favorite days at camp and they’ll work with you to create new times to look back on. If you’re interested in spending a weekend with us, check out our amazing options and register today!


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