What You Gain From A Weekend At Club Getaway

It’s the end of the work week and you can’t wait for the weekend. You’re looking forward to relaxing and having some fun. Maybe you’ll even go out and meet some new people. Well we have some great news for you. That can all be accomplished with a weekend at Club Getaway! This is the ultimate camp excursion for adults.

Relive your summer camp days with a weekend at Club Getaway. Along with having an unforgettable time, here’s a taste of what you’ll gain from a weekend here.

A Weekend to Relax

Within the first few minutes of arriving, you’ll see why our guests are able to unwind at camp. Located in beautiful Kent, Connecticut, we’re nestled next to a lake and are surrounded by forest. During the clear and sunny days of the summer and fall, it’s a picturesque scene. Once you’re settled into our cozy and rustic cabins, you can enjoy the day how you’d like! At Camp Getaway, we have tons of activities and you have the freedom to choose what interests you.

Your morning might consist of a nice breakfast buffet. Later in the afternoon, take a moment and join arts & crafts or spend some time doing yoga. As the sun goes down, sit down for a nice dinner and grab some drinks with some new friends. All that’s left is to get a good night’s sleep and get ready for your next day of relaxation.

A Bit of Excitement

The grind of the work week doesn’t leave much time for adventure. Luckily, Club Getaway is filled with it. Whatever you remember as your most exciting summer camp activity, we have it here, along with tons of other activities. There’s never a dull moment here. With so many options, you could spend an entire day dedicated to thrill seeking!

After waking up, start your day with a hike. Think of this as the perfect warm-up to an amazing day. To cool down, try out some wakeboarding or go over to rock climbing if you’d rather stay on land. If you’re looking for a bit of a workout, our cardio kickboxing or boot camp is sure to get your heart racing. As it gets later into the evening, finish your day on our zipline, because what better way is there?

A Chance to be Social

As a kid, summer camp was a great way to meet new people, and that’s still the case today! Most of the activities at Club Getaway are inherently social, so a weekend here is the perfect time to make some new friends. Whether you bond over your shared love of our Zumba class, meet up at wine tasting, or are just enjoying late-night drinks together, there are so many opportunities to make new connections.

Your first full day at camp will be filled with great opportunities to meet new people. Of course there’s breakfast, where you’ll get a delicious meal and can discuss your plans for the day. Your day may start with some group yoga and then you have so many choices for fun, social games. Compete against your friends in archery or try a hip-hop class! As it gets a little closer to dinner, grab a group and play some drinking games or Slip & Slide kickball! After dinner, enjoy the music and party with your new friends!

Whether you’re trying to unwind, have an adventure, or meet new people, Club Getaway is the perfect place to spend a weekend. If you’re interested in spending a weekend with us, check out our amazing options and register today!


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