Get Out on the Water: Water Skiing Tips for Beginners

When summer arrives in all its glory, people everywhere will be packing their lake gear and downloading the latest water skiing tips. For beginners entering the water for the first time, the bright sunshine seems to illuminate a whole world of possibilities for fun and friends. 

Water Skiing is one of Club Getaway’s most popular summer activities, and this classic lake pastime is an incredible way for the whole family to stay cool.

Here are five of Club Getaway’s handy water skiing tips for beginners that will have you shredding the lake in no time:

#1 Utilize The Equipment That Is Right For You

Preparing for your first water skiing adventure is exciting, but the first crucial step is to choose the right equipment. 

There are different types of skis, and the right one makes all the difference to a beginner’s success. 

Heavier riders generally require longer boards, but most water skiing tips for beginners will lean towards combination skis that provide directional control and extra stability.

When at camp make sure you let our water skiing instructor know what level of skier you are and they will help you choose the right equipment for you.

#2 Hold On, But Not Too Tightly

Holding the correct form or posture is one of the most challenging things for beginner, but getting this part right greatly increases your enjoyment of this activity. Starting on land is highly recommended, but you might first need to master ‘the cannonball.’  

The cannonball is your body’s recommended starting position before the rope pulls you into motion. If you want to practice, have another person pull on the rope while you lean slightly into the motion and feel your body inching forward as you rise into a chair position. 

While water skiing, you will want to look like you are sitting on a chair for the most streamlined experience. 

Young girl water skiing on the lake

#3 Lean Into the Motion

Once in the water, novice waterskiers should stay in the chair position until they feel comfortable enough to put their hips below their shoulders. Keep the knees slightly bent and straighten the arms to avoid losing your balance. It is best to keep your head up and look straight ahead (looking down at the water will quickly throw off your balance).

#4 Turn Heads

Nobody wants to ski in a straight line all day, and executing turns is the next step in the process. Bend your knees toward the opposite side that you will be turning to keep yourself upright. The motion applies force to the inner edge of one ski while relieving the other for a slight lean in the direction you want to go.


#5 Ski In Safety

All water activities demand strict adherence to safety protocols. Items on your safety checklist should include a properly fitting life jacket worn at all times and equipment in good condition. 

You will also need to learn the correct start signal, ski only in designated areas, avoid shallow water, and try to fall onto your side or back. 

These five water skiing tips for beginners ensure a safe and happy experience on the water, and an amazing summer with family and friends is sure to follow. 


A man and woman water skiing together

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